I have spent most of my life creating.

RG Shares

For as long as I can remember I have always had a passion for creativity, community, events, and seeing ideas come to life. In the 20 plus years of my career in paper craft and working in the craft industry I have seen amazing projects and product come to life. Step by step I have overseen and cared for the story in each and every event, and or product that I have lead. It has been my pleasure to travel the world in the manufacturing, designing and presenting of the various product lines I have created and or hosted.

RG Shares

The story of each and every launch is one of the most important elements of the product and or brand to me. I have always said “Protect the heart of the brand” its ultimately what makes it whole and allows us to create a high-quality product; whether it be a physical product or a byproduct of an event, opportunity or launch, when we are protecting the heart of the brand we move and make decisions differently. We have a responsibility to the brands community and integrity. This is why “Lead with Heat” and “Make Amazing Happen” are a part of who I am and the work that I perform.

RG Shares

How can I help you?
Creative Services available:

• Creative Direction
• Product Development
• Designers Showcase
• Brand Affiliate
• Brand Ambassador
• Presenter
• Speaker
• Collaboration

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