Day 1 of 40

January 31, 2018 • Brand 1, Brand 2, Brand 3, Life

Here we go, I have decided to document 40 days of my life as I count down to my 40th Birthday! Yes, it’s true this means I am 39 years old, and on the journey to 40. Each post will highlight something special of that day and maybe share a little something you did not know about me. So day one of forty is January 27th 2018.

Day one was so much FUN because we launched our SO LOVED digital download, virtual class! As part of my RG Studio 360 I offer virtual classes to crafters around the globe. They get a special link to create with us live and I design an exclusive download for us to create 4 projects (cards) with. It’s so much fun and this class was extra special for it was all about love and feeling #soloved

I dress up my studio depending on the theme of my new launch and we spend about 3 hrs creating projects and connecting with our peeps!

Side note, the night before we stayed up until 3am just adding the finish touches and making sure everything is ready for the live! Just like the good old days… Our class was so early at 9am the following morning. I felt so tired that after the class I actually took a nap 😴 WHAT!!!! I felt like this is it… this is what it feels like to be entering 40.

Once Gabby and I woke up from that nap I decided I needed to shake it off and get my exercise in. I took out an old workout video from the closet and the boys decided to join me. (sorry about the bad image but thats how real this was) lol 😂

I do love moments like these, for I often feel like I don’t dedicate as much time to my boys as I should. Working on balance has always been hard for me for I feel like so much is depending on me and what I get accomplished on the day to day. I need to work on my priorities and cherish moments like these more…

Our evening ended with heading out to visit some friends to play Monopoly. Now I’m not the biggest Monopoly guy because it usually takes so long, but I was introduced to the RED DICE Monopoly game… Whoa 😮 th was FUN!

So many new rules and nuances that made the game very interesting and sped it up quite a bit. Needles to say we had fun and it was a couples game night to add to the books, day one of 40… Thank you!

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