Day 2 of 40

January 31, 2018 • Top Picks, Creativity, Faith, Fitness, Life, Nutrition & Recipes

Sundays are always a day for us to enjoy our home and simply spend time as a family. I love having as many people over for a meal after church and maybe watch a movie, play some games or just catch up. Day two of 40 is Sunday January 29th 2018.

My day usually gets started with a cup of Fit Coffee. I love the taste and all its other health benefits. I have always struggled with weight gain and/or management. When I found Fit Coffee I decided I would give it try and although I couldn’t tell you if its actually helped me loose weight or not, I can tell you that I love the taste and how it makes me feel.

This time of year in Arizona is absolutely amazing and I feel truly blessed to be able to enjoy some time of prayer and reflection on a beautiful Sunday morning. We invite the family over for a meal after church and this Sunday was a Mexican feast. It’s the time of year for Chile Rellenos so we decided to make about 25 Chiles and tacos on the grill.

Depending on what part of Mexico you were brought up in (or your family was brought up in) they’re are various ways to make them. Some are made with a sauce and the ones we make are not. They must all be fresh ingredients for it to be an authentic dish.

Once they are stuffed and dipped in egg they are then fried and set aside to rest for a bit before you can jump in and eat them on a dish, taco, burrito or torta!

Most homes and or restaurants will make them stuffed with cheese. We have made them stuffed with a verity of ingredients like cheese, chicken, and or beef. Once you make them you do take a little break from doing so again anytime soon… we are quickly reminded as to how much work they really are to make.

Towards the end of the night, once our family and friends had left, the boys shared a piece of artwork with me. At first sight I was so concerned as to where they may have created this artwork, they where covered in paint and when I walked outside so where my pavers and patio furniture. Then they reveled the big masterpiece. With a special glow in their eyes and an excitement that could not be still they shouted it out… “Daddy we made this for you”! It’s a pice of board covered in white paint with black paint markings that read RG Studio 360, with a heart.

The best part was there signature on the back. It filled my eyes with tears and reminded me how lucky I am to be SO LOVED by my boys and family. Day 2 of 40, Thank you!

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