Day 4 of 40

January 31, 2018 • Top Picks, Brand 1, Brand 2, Brand 3, Life

Taco Tuesday!!!!! J/K no tacos for me this Tuesday. Actually it was a day of running lots of errands and doing some “almost 40 years old stuff” Day 4 is Tuesday January 30th 2018.

Today was the annual visit to the optometrists… It’s true I can’t see like I used to and for the past three years I’ve been using contacts and glasses. Well it was time to fill my prescription and this time without insurance, ouch! All for the sake of actually seeing…

I have been going to lens Crafters since I experienced eye concerns. I do enjoy the service and the prices are very comfortable for me. I do both contacts and glasses so It was time to get checked and grab a new prescription.

after all the let us check this and let us check that they determined “I can’t see” LOL 😂 I am like… yeah I know. All kidding aside, I know it’s standard procedure and once again the staff is very friendly and informative.

Now that I could see I was ready to go live once again on FB! This week I have challenged myself to go live 4 days out of the week. I love creating for my people and love sharing ideas and answering questions. When questions come in I feel like “yes! We are learning and growing”

For details on today’s project share and tutorial then visit our RG Studio 360 page on Facebook. Free training and a creative community like no other. Day 4 of 40, Thank you!

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