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January 26, 2018 • Brand 1, Brand 2, Brand 3, Fitness, Life

Have you heard of the one word challenge? One word to help you stay focused as you enter a new year. I actually believe that you can choose your word anytime through out the year, once you are ready to make a change then jump on board and select your word, that word should be designed to make an impact and gets you closer to creating the life you want!

A dear friend of mine (Rose Curtis) introduced me to this one word concept. At first I was like gosh can I really stick to the “One Word” idea? I know me and I easily get bored and want to move on to something new… I decided to give it a shot and jump in full throttle. With support from my family and friends we dove into the concept and its become a new tradition in my home.

My one word for 2018 is RISE

Its always quite the decision to make. After all that has transpired in my life the last quarter of 2017 I began to pray and meditate over what my one word should be. What was going to be the word that would lift me from the pain and change that my heart was going through? At the time I remember thinking “there is no word, that can lift me from this hell I’m living” All I can think of was how can I re-create myself to be the positive heartfelt individual I need to be, while not drowning in pain, anger or even disappointment after the events that took over my life.

One day as I took a bike ride in my neighborhood I remember praying for God’s provision and guidance. I was specifically praying that He reveals and or manifest my word for 2018. With tears in my eyes, I prayed for forgiveness not just for me but for all whom hurt me in 2017. I wanted to rise above it all and sore on wings like eagles. As I looked up into the sun setting sky, I witnessed the clouds take shape and out of the center of the sun two wings rising above and transforming right before me. I stoped and thanked God for His sign and at that moment decided that my one word would be RISE!

I will RISE like the Phoenix and not just rebuild but re-create myself. I believe that God has an amazing plan for my life and the lives that I touch and or touch me are meaningful as well as designed to be a part of my story. I have learned that not everyone is loyal, that not everyone who tells you “love you” is truly there to do so. I love the lyrics to the song from The Greatest Showman, called (From Now On) the one that reads “A man learns who is there for him when the glitter fades and the walls won’t hold”

Last week on our way home from church, I witnessed an amazing sunset. I quickly asked my family if I can pull over so that I can catch the sun raging behind me for what I thought would be the perfect Phoenix Rising shot!

It was! A huge thanks to all my family and friends as I sore through this transition and RISE again.

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