Starting a new business

January 25, 2018 • Brand 1, Brand 2, Brand 3, Life

There is something magical about new beginnings, and this is mine. Have you heard of RG Studio 360? How many of you are parents and remember thinking to yourself “how can I love another baby like I love my baby today?” Then somehow the baby is growing in the womb you start to feel that special feeling that warms the heart and fills you up with excitement. Fast forward to the moment of birth and BAM! you are in love all over again and miraculously in the same way with the same amount of love and fear all at once.


Thats “kinda” the same for those of us who start a new business. Especially if you already had a business you loved but, then decided to start a new one… Can you love the new business just the same? Will your heart and brain be aligned to give it all you’ve got? Will it matter the same?

YES, YES, and YES!

Out of great change and challenge came RG Studio 360!

Faced with the challenges of my non-compete, I was limited to not using some of the tools I have created a life with for my family. No Stamps! No dies! I remember thinking “Lord, what will I do?” “Will I ever create again?” Then I looked over at my wife, and kids and thought, “come on RG its time to RISE and create the life you want”!

The idea to teach classes using images I designed and provide my followers via a printable format was born! RG Studio 360 launches digital downloads 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 It was like the light bulb💡went off and time to hit the ground running (those bills are not going to wait for me to learn a new trade)

This is it guys! This is how we will make a 360 turn and “Create the life you want” while still “Make Amazing Happen” The idea for the branding and tag lines was born.

Build on your strengths

Our home was already set to do live feeds and cater to an audience. I love creating and teaching so that part was easy.

The team: I am blessed with such talented and faithful family. Dustin (AKA Potato) is a master mind when it comes to marketing and brand growth. Rose (AKA Rosemary) is the most efficient and detail oriented Product Manager in the world, Cathy (AKA Cat) has a heart for our people and is truly gifted when it comes to details and management. Last but not least of course is Gabby (AKA Babe) she handles all things RG and manages our buying, and details of the business needs and growth.

together these amazing individuals and I create what is now RG Studio 360 where creativity comes full circle and you are inspired to Create the life you want and Make amazing happen!

Here is a look at our Studio.

Side note: By now you may have figured out that if I get pretty comfortable with you chances are I’ll give you a nick name 😉❤👍🏽

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